Reasons Why There Are Price Differences With Different Dental Practices

Shopping around for some dental treatments and getting different prices from different dentists? Today I’ll explain why there are different prices among different dentists.

Hi, my name is Dr Wendy Wang from Oralux Dental. I just finished up with a new patient Janice from Neutral Bay. When she originally spoke with me, she told me she got a quote for a dental crown from another dentist that is five hundred dollars less, and she didn’t understand why there is such a big difference. So I thought it’s worthwhile making video sharing with you what I share with her, so you too can be well informed when looking for a dentist.


Dental practices will use different materials for fillings, crowns, veneers, and even braces. The quality of the materials they choose can be vastly different. If you compare it to cars, a Toyota and a Rolls Royce are both cars, but their price is significantly different. And what impact the price is the material and craftsmanship of the cars. More expensive materials mean superior strength, texture and durability compared to the others, even though they will all fall under the same category of material. The other factor is where the material is made. Materials from Germany, Switzerland, America will cost more than materials from overseas with cheaper resources, it adheres to the strict quality of standard required in Australia. This ultimately gives you the peace of mind of what goes and lives inside your mouth for many many years.

Clinician's Experience

Just like going to the hairdresser, a junior hairdresser or an apprentice will charge you thirty dollars for a haircut, whereas if a senior hairdresser was to look after you, it can be up to two hundred or even more for a ladies haircut.
Why? Because the senior hairdresser has more experience and knows how to deliver a great result efficiently, and it’s a lot less risky for her clients. Unlike a junior or an apprentice, who are more likely to make mistakes simply because they have less experience. So dentistry is very similar. A new grad dentist will have a lot less experience. Compared to a dentist who’s been continuously practising, continuously studying and devote all of the time to master his or her skill for over 15 plus years. So you can see, a skilled clinician in a speciality will charge more compared to a junior or less experienced dentist.

Overall Service and Level of Aftercare

What we do see is that with some dentists who deliver their service at a cheaper price, they spend a lot less time in planning the treatment, delivering the treatment, there’s no warranty, and if things break down after the treatment, it would cost the patient more to have it fixed.

With us, in order to maintain the quality of work we pride ourselves in and that our clients deserve, we take our time during the consultation, putting together the treatment plan, as well as delivering the treatment. All our devotion translate to superior quality that endures test of time so you can have the peace of mind that we have your back.

As you can see, often by investing a little bit more towards your treatment, you are reducing the risk of mistakes, getting much better quality material, as well as the peace of mind with your aftercare.

I hope this helps you in finding the right dentist for you. If you are based in the Lower Northshore, or in the Hills District, we have 2 locations in Crows Nest and Bella Vista that can look after you. Simply DM us on social media, give us a call on 02 8065 1702, or go to our website at, and we will be in touch.

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Great experience! First time at Oralux Dental and they took very good care of me. Basha was very gentle and very informative of dental health. I especially liked communicating through sms as they were very responsive. Thanks again

Justine Nolan


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Great experience! First time at Oralux Dental and they took very good care of me. Basha was very gentle and very informative of dental health. I especially liked communicating through sms as they were very responsive. Thanks again

Justine Nolan


I had my first visit here for a cleaning along with my two little boys, and it was a great experience. Very clean and professional. Barsha was great with the kids even though it was the little one’s first time. Looking forward to our next check-up! (Well maybe not “looking forward” to going to the dentist, but not dreading it at least…)

Ryan Yuzon


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