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Comprehensive Examination and Clean

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Good health starts with a healthy mouth. According to the World Health Organisation, there is an increase in evidence that oral diseases can worsen general health conditions such as diabetes, heart diseases, and even pregnancy problems. Thus, a regular comprehensive dental checkup is crucial in detecting problems at its early stage.


Comprehensive Examination and Clean


A routine dental checkup is done normally every six months unless instructed differently by your dentist. It is a thorough dental examination whether you still have teeth or not, and with or without the presence of discomfort or pain. The comprehensive dental examination aims to detect early signs of tooth decay and other oral diseases such as gum problems and oral cancer. If we can diagnose a dental problem at its early stage, then we can attend to it before it becomes a more serious condition, which could cost more to treat, and more painful for you.

Your dentist or dental hygienist will examine not just your teeth, but also your gums and other structures inside your mouth, your jaw and your airway. We will also take X-rays to check the depth of your cavities, condition of your bone, and detect specific oral pathologies or problems. After a thorough examination, your dental hygienist will proceed to routine cleaning and polishing of your teeth.


Things to Lookout


During a comprehensive dental examination, your dentist or dental hygienist will check your overall health for any trouble areas such as:

  • Dental caries or tooth decay
  • Gum disease that can worsen over time if left untreated
  • Tooth wear such as abrasion and erosion
  • An impacted wisdom tooth that can lead to infection
  • Missing or unerupted teeth
  • Asymptomatic jaw tumours and cyst
  • Signs of oral cancer or lumps in the head and neck

These are just some of what the dentist will look out for during your routine dental checkup that if detected earlier, can be resolved with professional dental intervention.

GuanYu H.

Dr Wendy is professional, friendly, and most important of all, she cares about you. Her explanations are very clear and keep me informed during the procedure, and she is really good with kids. All the staff remained very friendly and professional

GuanYu H.

Dental Care is Not Expensive, Neglect Is


Early detection is the key to any treatment. Usually, patients will only come in for a dental visit if they feel pain. Which means the infection has progressed into a later stage which might require more a radical treatment.

For instance, skipping a dental examination for several years might miss the early detection of a developing oral tumour. Oral tumours, most of the time, develop without having symptoms of pain – not until it became large enough.

Benefits of Regular Comprehensive Dental Examinations

Early Detection of Tooth Decay:

Your dentist will be able to stop the progression of tooth decay with tooth fillings before it ends up having a root canal treatment. Sometimes, cavities are found in between two teeth which can’t be seen easily and require the taking of x-rays.

Prevention of Gum Problems:

Even with regular brushing, there are areas unreachable by toothbrush where plaque can accumulate and harden into a more complex structure called tartar.

When plaque became tartar, it can’t be removed by brushing and requires professional cleaning. If those areas left uncleaned for several months or years, gum disease (gingivitis or periodontitis) can develop which may lead to tooth loss.

That is why regular checkup and cleaning is important to keep your gums healthy.

Hidden Medical Diseases:

Did you know that the earliest signs of medical diseases often appear in the mouth first? An unusually red tongue could be a sign of vitamin deficiency, scarlet fever, or even a more severe Kawasaki disease.

Another example would be spotted lips that can look like harmless sunspots but can also be a symptom of a medical condition. Brown patches on the lips can be a sign of Hemochromatosis disorder (body stores too much iron), Laugier-Hunziker Syndrome, or Peutz-Jeghers Syndrome (an inherited disorder that causes several benign tumour growths in the intestines).

These are just some of the common indicators of a severe medical condition we look out for on your comprehensive dental examination. If we were able to detect these symptoms earlier, then we can endorse you to a general physician immediately.

Get to Know Each Other:

It is the perfect time for you to get to know us and for us to understand your needs and history during your regular dental checkup. We want you to feel comfortable sharing your concerns with us, so that we can help you achieve your optimal health.

Patient Education:

We love educating patients on how you can take care of your pearly whites even more. Your dentist or Oral Hygiene Therapist will inform you of proper techniques in brushing and flossing, and even how to take care of your child’s teeth.

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We understand it’s important to have insight into your dental investment before committing to treatment. Simply click on the button below, enter your details and receive our latest price list.

Book a consultation with us and we will provide you with a competitive quotation based on our professional assessment of your individual situation.

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Professional Oral Hygiene Care


Dental hygienists are skilled professionals who do routine dental care such as cleaning and polishing of teeth, and fluoride therapy.

Supragingival Cleaning (Teeth Cleaning & Polishing)

It is also known as scaling and polishing. It is a procedure wherein your hygienist removes plaque and tartar above the gums using an ultrasonic scaler or hand instruments. Afterwards, a dental paste will be used to brush and polish the teeth.

Fluoride Therapy

Once a year, your dentist and/or dental hygienist will recommend fluoride therapy to promote repair of reversible decay spots and strengthen your teeth furthermore.

Advantages of Cleaning & Polishing done by Dental Hygienists:


  • Teeth will be clean, especially those areas unreachable by toothbrushes
  • Removal of hard deposits which toothbrushes cannot remove
  • It will prevent further development of gum disease that might affect the jaw bone and other structures in your mouth
Tony P.

I would highly recommend this practice. The staff are very professional, cheerful and make you feel at ease, even when the most complex procedures are carried out.

Tony P.

Call Today for your Comprehensive Dental Examination and Cleaning


Our team of highly skilled and compassionate dental professionals here at Oralux Dental are conveniently located at Crows Nest, serving the Lower North Shore community, as well as Bella Vista, looking after the residence and staff at the Hills District.

We are ready to assist you with a gentle and compassionate approach. We want you to be comfortable during your visit and confident that you chose the right team. Call today for your dental checkup and let us serve you.

Disclaimer: The material posted is for informational purposes only and is not intended to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Results vary with each patient. Any dental procedure carries risks and benefits. If you have any specific questions about any dental and/or medical matter, you should consult your dentist, physician or other professional healthcare providers.

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