How To Fix Crooked Teeth?

Hi, it’s Dr Wendy here from Oralux Dental. I just saw a new patient Rebecca from Baulkham Hills, for her general check-up and clean. During the appointment, she shared with me that she is not happy with her smile. Her teeth are very crooked, and she wants to know her options. So I thought I’d take this opportunity to make a short video explaining the different ways to realign teeth.

Option one would be the good old braces, which involves attaching the brackets and wire to the teeth. It has come a long way since the early days, and still, the better option for someone with a very complex dental alignment problem. It is fixed to the teeth, which may affect your speech and what you can eat in some regards, but because it cannot be removed, it ensures compliance to the treatment so that you can achieve the result you want with control.

And also, if you’re concerned about how it looks, there are some options to braces that you can use to camouflage it. One of them is called lingual braces, which are attached to the backside of your teeth. Another option would be some tooth coloured braces, which the braces and the arch and the wires connect to them are clear or tooth coloured. So they don’t stand out as much as the metal braces or brackets. However, these options are not for everyone. So it’s better to check with your dentist to see if you’re suitable for those options.

Option two to align your teeth is with clear aligners such as Invisalign, which is a virtually invisible method of straightening your teeth. It involves fitting a removable see-through aligner that has been customised to fit your teeth with the latest technology. Because it can be removed so that you can still enjoy your favourite foods while aligning your teeth. It is a very popular option among adults, as it suits their active lifestyle.

Option three would be dental veneers with bonding or shaping. It is often a great option to correct minor alignment issues like the gap between the teeth or teeth with uneven layers as the veneers can mask those problems. However, it can also cause harm to the tooth if your teeth are very crowded or very protruded, and a lot of tooth structures need to be removed to achieve the desired results.

I hope this video has shared some insights on the different ways you can straighten your teeth. So if you’re ready for your smile transformation or you know someone else who wants to, we’re happy to help.

We are conveniently located at Crows Nest in the Lower Northshore, and Bella Vista in the Hills District. So simply give us a call, complete the enquiry form on our website, or direct message us via sms or on social media, and we will be in touch to help you organise your appointment. See you in the next video.

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I had my first visit here for a cleaning along with my two little boys, and it was a great experience. Very clean and professional. Barsha was great with the kids even though it was the little one’s first time. Looking forward to our next check-up! (Well maybe not “looking forward” to going to the dentist, but not dreading it at least…)

Ryan Yuzon


Great experience! First time at Oralux Dental and they took very good care of me. Basha was very gentle and very informative of dental health. I especially liked communicating through sms as they were very responsive. Thanks again

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