What is All-Teeth-On-4 and Why Our Patients Love It

Do you have a denture and looking for a more comfortable and permanent solution? Then All-Teeth-On-4 could be your answer.

Hi, Dr Wendy Wang here from Oralux Dental. I just finished a final check-up with one of our clients Peter from Mosman. He had 2 arches of dentures for a very long time, and we helped him upgrade them to All-Teeth-On-4. And he said to me, “Wendy, I love them! I wish it had them a lot earlier. I can now eat and chew on the food that I love! And not worry about them falling out”

This got me thinking… There are a lot of people with false teeth who don’t know anything about All-Teeth-On-4 and the benefits of them, so I decided to make this quick video explaining what it is.

So All-Teeth-On-4 refers to having false teeth connect to four implants inside your mouth. And because these implants are fixed to your jaw bone, so you will be able to chew food on with the false teeth without any worry.

All-Teeth-On-4 is an incredible transformation for people who have terminal dentition or who don’t have teeth and it remarkably changes their lifestyle. The biggest compliment we hear from our patients once they had All-Teeth-On-4 done is, Hey, I can now chew the food I’ve always loved! So that’s a great thing that they can now chew their steak. They can chew apples without worrying about the tooth falling out.

The second thing is that people can smile better. They love their smile because previously they might have bad teeth, and they were embarrassed about their smile. Once you’ve got the All-Teeth-On-4 with designer teeth that reflects their personality and lifestyle, people just get happier about it. So that’s a great way of transforming your life as well.

All-Teeth-On-4 is usually carried out in one single session where the really bad teeth are pulled out. At the same time, four implants are placed in the jaw bone and then the temporary false teeth are connected to the implants.

Once these implants staying inside the mouth for four to six months and have stabilised, you would come back and we will place the permanent false teeth on top of it. But even during the four to six months healing period, you will still have something that you’ll be able to eat confidently and smile confidently on.

So you can see, All-Teeth-On-4 can have a significant impact on your lifestyle. So if you have many teeth that need to be removed, or you are currently using denture, and want a more permanent and comfortable solution, why not have an appointment with us for an expert opinion. We are conveniently located in 2 locations, servicing both the Lower Northshore with our Crows Nest clinic and the Hills District with our practice at Bella Vista.

Simply direct message us on social media, call us on 02 8065 1702, or go to our website at oraluxdental.com.au, and we will be in touch organise an appointment for you.

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